RMM Agent installation is ongoing

[h=4]Trying to push the RMM Agent to a device and receive the following message:

RMM Agent installation is ongoing[/h] RMM Agent is not installed on this device. Installation of RMM is in the queue for this device. Please wait until device gets the command and RMM installation is complete. Then please click Takeover button again.

The portal is indicating the process is ‘In Queue’. It’s been like this for many hours.

RMM is Enabled.

This system is very confusing and convoluted. I thought this was going to be a one stop solution. Instead there are several portals to sign into, the welcome email information is incorrect and the help guides are either outdated, do not correspond to the current portal or the links take you to a ‘Page Not Found’.

There has to be a simpler way for first time users to get set up instead of going in circles from one place to another, not to mention all the acronyms throughout the sites. Where is the glossary?


Hello @pcdoctoronline,

Please send us an email at c1-support@comodo.com with a screenshot of “In Queue” indicator and your chosen sub-domain or your Comodo One username so we can escalate your issue further to our developers.

Also, Comodo One and its modules are in a continuous growth and improvement and your feedback and experience is welcomed and it will be forwarded to the development.

The glossary & outdated help pages mentions will be also added to your escalation.

We’ll be waiting for your email with the requested pieces of information.

Hello @Harvey,

I have sent the requested images to support.

Thank you!

@pcdoctoronline Thank you for attaching the requested image.
We will continue assisting you with the specific issue in the ticket that you have created with us. Thank you for understanding.