RMM Agent - What's the device name?

So, every computer has an RMM agent on it now. A user experiencing trouble calls and asks for help. Great, I just tell the user - “mouse over the Comodo icon, or right-click it, or double-click it, or wink at it, shake a stick at it, do something” - because of course the RMM agent will say what the device name is so I know WHAT computer to connect to for remote support… Ofcourse, it does, RIGHT?

I’ve never been aware of the CCC agent showing the device name by clicking on it.

I import from AD. Then assign to the pc.

or get the user to open a ticket from CCC then you can remote directly from the SD.

Thank you for the reply. In all fairness, I’m probably not approaching this with the best intentions in mind. Admittedly, I will never use a Comodo security product, and the only reason I’m using this RMM is to remotely manage computers for FREE in a non-profit. I actually did get in to this product with the intention of enterprise roll out, but I’ve been “trying out” this product for well over a year, and it has been nothing but annoyingly difficult to do anything with from my perspective. It’s painfully obvious it exists for one reason only, and that is to push the paid security suite. Why do I say that? Because I’ve looked at and demoed probably a half a dozen major RMM players, while extensively utilizing the top 2 in the industry for years, and the most ridiculously obvious features simply don’t exist in Comodo RMM. One of those being to simply be able to mouse over the Comodo agent icon to get the computer name so that anybody trying to provide remote support can quickly and easily identify the computer the user is calling about. Almost every aspect of this product is foundationally wrong in how it works, compared to what reality dictates it needs to be.

So, I thank you for your suggestions, and they are not completely unreasonable. But, you would think that simply looking at other products in the market would give the Comodo developers an overwhelming supply of “ideas” to improve their product. I know this comment could be construed as non-constructive, and off-topic, but this is a product that defies logic in just how bad it is. But, I am sincere when I say that I am only making that comment because I actually believe it could be and will be better. After over a year, I’m just not seeing it though, and unfortunately I will never consider this as being a real, viable solution for RMM. It is free though. So, I guess I can’t complain.

@itfinallyworks “will never use a Comodo security product” that’s the best part of the platform, you are really missing. My clients’ systems are far more secure now they are running Comodo Client Security.

I can’t speak to that, and I’m glad you have had good results with it.

To avoid turning this in to a pissing session, and losing all credibility, I will just suggest that Comodo RMM may actually be damaging it’s reputation with perspective clients. I for one, would not even think about handing over security to Comodo based on my experience with their RMM.

@itfinallyworks ,

We understand that the functionality you are looking for which would work conveniently for your need is still not existing as of the moment on our RMM product.What we can do is to inform our Product Developers analyze this request for development. @nct thank your for sharing your insights