RMM Device list remote control icon

This should be simple change that will help everyone save a TON of time.

In the device list, instead of having to click the checkbox and then click remote control button at the top of the page, why not create another column with an icon to remote control that device? Maybe right after or before the OS column? Or make remote control one of the active components icons that can be clicked to start the remote session?

I find myself needing to connect to multiple devices at the same company a lot of the time (or different companies if I am helping multiple customers at once). Currently, I either have to check the box, click remote control, then uncheck the box so I can check another. And if the device is further down the page, then I also have to do a ton of scrolling up and down to check/uncheck boxes and click the remote control button. Or, the other way is to click on the device, which opens its page. This poses a ton of other issues as going back doesn’t keep your spot in regards to which client you are viewing. So then I have to click to page 4 (or whatever) and find the customer and then the group I want just to get to the next computer. EXTREMELY annoying and a waste of time.

@pcsnc ,

We are thankful for your suggestion in regards to making the remote function more convenient to MSPs all across. We have sent your improvement suggestions to our Product Team for analysis and keep you updated with email notifications on this request. We thank you for your contribution.

Often have the same issue - have to refer to ITSM as the Remote Control app doesn’t have logged in user name and will often show a device off line when it’s on-line, and available for RC, in ITSM.

The lack of tree/nav history in the browser is EXTREMELY annoying. A quick solution would be to make clicking on a device link open in a new tab.

We understand your frustrations @amcssit. Rest assured that QOL improvements in navigating the Endpoint Manager are on their way.

i agree with this… +1

Are there any ways to remote into a computer from an iPhone or iPad?

Are there any ways to remote into a computer from an iPhone or iPad?

As of this posting, this is not yet possible, @gscoder. This feature though is already in the product roadmap’s mid-term (6-12 months) implementation timeline.