RMM Down??

I keep getting a 502 bad gateway when trying to log into the RMM, is there an issue?? I updated the CRC on my system, and it froze, I can not log into it, nor access the RMM to finish working on the system I was working on. I normally use the old admin console, but for some reason it is also not coming up on this system. Anyway, is there an issue??

I had to delete my cache, again, to get it to load. This seems to happen very often. Anyway, I am back in.

Not sure if This is related but I prices that when clicking the remote control icon in ITSM the drop down lost no longer shows. It opened the new CRC. Only noticed this today when was this update applied ? Didn’t see it in any of the release notes.

It was implemented during the October platform update @dittoit .

I was on about the drop down list not the removal of the old RMM, I’m sure it was there in the last week ???

@dittoit ,

Are you pertaining to this dropdown? For new sign ups, this part is no longer available.

Old RMM dropdown.JPG