RMM Enrolment via Email

Can you help?

We are trying to enrol via Email but Emails aren’t being received by the Customer?
I’ve tested on my Laptop sending myself the instructions via Email and a known Customer but neither me or the Customer has received the instructions yet.
We’ve checked the Junk Email Folder but nothing in there either.

As a side note, we CAN send Emails from ITarian within the Service Desk App but not RMM to enrol?

Thank you,

Hello @BeesKneesITS ,

Thank you for notifying us but please reach out to ITarian Support directly via support@itarian.com
and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.


Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reply.

I did Email this morning (10:47 UK time) but as of yet I’ve had no response.

Any help on this one?
I’ve emailed Support but other than the generic response I haven’t had any replies yet.

We are struggling with this functionality and ideally need it resolving ASAP.


Hello @beeskneesit ,

I`ll send you a private message to prioritize and check the status of your ticket.