RMM from iPad / Android

Is it currently possible to start an RMM session using the Comodo one mobile app? We have a technical manager who is a road warrior and needs to pull up windows desktop programs from his iPad when away from the office, a la Teamviewer. I couldn’t talk him through over the phone how to start a session from tablet to desktop using the app. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

@nmaciver ,

This Feature Functionality is still under Development. We will provide you an email notification for any news/ updates concerning this feature

Hello @nmaciver ,

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I definitely understand your manager’s use case and thousands of others who are always on the go. Therefore, we are in the process of the development of iOS App to support Remote Control to Windows devices. We are expecting this functionality to roll out in Fall Releases. Our team will keep you informed about the release of the mobile functionality.

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Product Manager, CRC

On this one, if you use a remote desktop app from a tablet/phone into a Windows PC and then launch Comodo RMM from within that PC, no keyboard input is registered into the client machine?


We are taking considering all suggestions on how the feature can be achieved, along with the other requests. We will gladly forward your case scenario to our Product Developers for analysis and inform you of any updates concerning the implementation of this functionality.

Thanks, but would that not be a bug more than a feature, as I should in affect have the same access as I would if I was sat at my PC?

Since there is no Android-/iOS-based CRC available yet, we can safely assume that the ‘remote desktop app’ is, well, not developed by Comodo. The compatibility of this ‘remote desktop app’ with the ‘Comodo RMM’ is not guaranteed and we are not liable for any ‘malfunction’. One thing to consider also is that the ‘remote desktop app’ may be running under containment.