RMM Log File Space

I’m having an issue where the log files for the RMM tools is taking up over 2Gb of drive space and causing the drive to not have enough space to perform normal daily tasks as the services do not have enough space to function. Is there a place to either disable logs, rotate, or limit the log file sizes?

Noticing the same. Got 2 machines running out of disk space because of 10GB plus logs piling up.

Hi @michael2 @zabolyx

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please provide us which application are you using, which version of the agent you have?

Old RMM administration console and CCS have different logging mechanisms we need more information to help you on this.

Thank you

Hi Michael
We’re noticing the same issue where we have servers using up 20 GB of storage for log files.
Checking the dbg config or any of the configuration xml shows no settings or attributes for suppressing or cleaning the log file.
Perhaps there is a way to script a task to do the same.
Any suggestions or help from Comodo would be appreciated.


Hello @mni
We created a support ticket for your concern. Please do reply at your convenience.

Also to @michael2 and @zabolyx
Support tickets were also created a few days ago in your behalf about the raised concern for the RMM logs. Your cooperation with the requested information will be much appreciated.

There are 2 scripts we use to manage this. 1 that changes the logging level so that the logs don’t grow so fast and one that we use to clear out the old logs.



log level is setup as part of a profile that pushes the command once a month (this takes care of new machines and machines that just got an install of RMM) and the log cleanup is part of my monitoring for HDD space.

Thank you. I mitigated the issue by creating a procedure triggered on low drive space to clear the logs in the RMM log folder. Has been working well. Shortly after, I noticed the ability to disable logging. However, I do feel logging is valuable, so would rather not disable them.