RMM Patch Procedures Not Patching Anything

I have already created a ticket on this, but I am interested in hearing other users experiences with patching from RMM.

I setup a Win10 PC, installed Itarian Endpoint Manager on it and the machine is applied a profile that calls to immediately start OS patching and 3rd Party patching. When I look in the portal, it shows that it has started the patching procedures under the device logs, however nothing is being patched. I have restarted the ITarian services on the PC, rebooted the PC multiple times, still nothing is patching. The PC says its missing security updates in the Windows Update screen. ITarian portal shows that there are updates for detected 3rd party software. I even manually kicked off the 3rd party patching for all the detected apps and they all say in progress (for days now) with nothing being updated.

Is there some issue with regard to Windows 10 and patching that is broken? Have others been successful with patching?