RMM>Policy>Monitoring doesn't feel finished


I’m new to Comodo One free and it’s free modules and I’m currently testing it out to see if it’s suitable for us to deploy.

I’m thankful for the free software Comodo is offering but the RMM>Policy>Monitoring component is not very usable.
-Existing/created policies can’t be edited which is very unhandy. It’s something you would expect in software from like 20 years ago but not in today’s age.
-It would be useful to be able to apply more than one policy to an endpoint because right now you can only apply one policy.
-Most important, when using the RMM monitoring component, sometimes I feel like I’m working with beta software. Very often the RMM>Policy module doesn’t respond, doesn’t refresh or is very slow in updating the data, shows empty endpoint lists, fails to apply policies etc.

Just my first impressions. Hope it’s something on the radar.

Used with:
Win7, Win2012R2, Win2008

Hello @mmk23 , we have forwarded your requests regarding the functionality of RMM to the appropriate department. You will be contacted via e-mail and kept up to date on the status of the ticket.

Hi @mmk23

We are about to launch an integrated monitoring and procedures over ITSM platform which would replace the current RMM functionality. We have the “Preview” environment where you can sign up and start playing with it. We will also have a webinar to show these new functionality.

I will update this post with access details soon.

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Please also check this post: https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/committees/technology/4033-new-preview-release-and-environment

I believe this new release already have all the improvements you listed on your post… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. Looking forward these features.