RMM Remote Control API

Hey everyone,

I’ve just started to use iTarian within the company I am currently working.

I’ve been given the job of going through and setting up the networks within the company, one thing I would like to do is be able to access one of the devices within our Ticket system using an API, so I can add them to the customer information and you can remote in without having to use RMM for this.

Does anyone know if this is currently supported, or if they plan to release anything like this.


Hi @petemcr ,

I strongly suggest you use our Remote Control by ITarian console. We can schedule a training session with one of our Consultant Engineer and show you how it works effectively and the techniques how it will be easier for you to manage and remotely connect to your devices. You may also want to consider our ITarian Service Desk for your Ticket Management. It offers integration to our Endpoint Manager and RMM modules which will give you an easy access to your devices remotely while you are working on your tickets at the same time.

However, If you really need to integrate the takeover feature to your own app. You can refer to this link Takeover action from Service Desk.

If you decide to undergo a training session with our Consultant Engineer. Please email me @ezekiel.aquino@itarian.com and let me know the date and time that works best for you.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Ezekiel Aquino
Consultant Engineer - Team Lead

Hi @EzekielAquinoCE

Thanks for the reply, we’re doing fine in terms of usage of RMM, we have it currently set up in functioning environment so that side is fine, as we’re currently using a ticket system at the moment so we won’t be changing anytime soon, this was more just to help with ease of use between the ticket system and RMM.

The link provided is actually perfect for what I was looking for, so that’s great

Thanks for your help