RMM Remote Control works where CRC doesn't, reason?

Good Morning

Just wondering if there is a significant reason why the RMM Remote Control viewer works and the new Comodo Remote Controller viewer throws the error ‘Channel Connection Error’. Trying to move on to using the CRC more where possible, but still finding that the RMM is the better tool.

This is an ongoing problem, hopefully it will be fixed in the next release due this Saturday 16th. you can try this script to restart the ITSMService, this sometimes helps bring the endpoint back up.

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

We would like to acknowledge @dittoit 's information about some issues with the New CRC that we are in the process of resolving. And as part of our goal, we include some fixes on reported bugs on our future releases as well. We will communicate with you shortly via email for additional information.

Thanks @dittoit , unfortunately, that resolves other issues I have had with remote control, but this one seems to be more related to remote control protocols and I believe firewall configurations. It was always a good safeguard to have in place that the old RMM worked behind customer firewalls, regardless it seemed of their settings (other than Proxy based networks). Even now, it can be used to get into some of our customers networks, where the new tool doesn’t seem to work.