RMM unavailable

Hi All,

I have one server that is stating unavailable in the RMM application - can someone tell me what log files I should look at in order to try and resolve?




Please start by removing the RMM agent from that server and re-enroll it.

Please let us know how the server shows up afterwards.

Have you left only the RMM agent checked?

You can also download the RMM agent separately by selecting the RMM msi from the “Add device(s)” wizard.

No but this is stalling before the Patch management starts (which is a 50%).
Thanks for your help though.


There is a known issue with the Patch Management agent installation through the RMM download manager so even though, it did not get to that step, there are chances that it might have interfered with the first installer.

Please let us know if by leaving only the RMM agent checked works for you and if it still stalls, please try the RMM msi installation.

RMM Msi worked thank you.

We plan to release a hot fix for this tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience!