RmmService Kills CPU

Since 3 months ago, in all virtual machines, and some hp computers, RmmService.exe opens multiple time killing the CPU and i’m having multiple daily calls from clients unable to use their computers.

i have resorted to disable the service permanently, and send several emails about this every single time because this is killing my practice, to no avail.

the issue reappears every month or so because for some reason this error is never addressed and the update pushes for the RmmService reactivation, it’s a complete mess!

why do you even have this service? i can run scripts, do remote access, and everything with the service disabled.

can i get a script to disable this service at every startup this way i wont even care if you fix that issue or not

Hi @nuteks-it ,

We’ve created a support ticket about your concern.
Please respond to the support ticket so we can assist you with your concern.

Thank you.

done, i hope this is addressed it has been months

Please also keep me updated on this issue.

your scripted robots have asked me to run a data collection tool

i dont know what you expect to get from that because if i run the service the tool will never ever load, and if i disable i highly doubt the tool will caught the issue.

just revert whatever you have done to rmmservice since may 2019, is not worth the hassle

but please, i need the script to disable that service on every restart! i cant live like this!

Hi @nuteks-it ,

The collection tool will extract all the necessary logs from the PC so our developers can provide a solution for your concern.
Please understand that these logs are necessary so they can properly identify the source of the problem.
Please respond to the email we’ve sent you so we can escalate the case to our developers.

Thank you.

I had this problem on EP with incorrect date/time.

@stefanoradam ,

I believe this was your earlier post: Our Development Team believes that incorrect date and time might affect performance though we haven’t fully tested this case scenario and what the adverse effects might be. We strongly recommend making the correct settings so the device can communicate real-time on the portal.

This was not fixed, response team did not respond, ticket was not solved, emails were ignored.



Hi @nuteks-it,

We’ve sent another email in case you missed our previous email via ITarian support ticket. We have provided steps for you to check to fix the issue. We are committed on working with you to resolve this issue that you are experiencing.

We look forward to your reply via the support ticket.

Thank you!

i performed them sent everything and then silence, as if i never done or sent anything, no fix, no workaround

Hi @nuteks-it,

We are in constant contact with you via support ticket and it is still open. Please check our latest email and send us a reply via the support ticket. We’ve provided you an updated instruction for you to perform since we just release a hotfix for EM communications client.

Please reply to the support ticket.

Thank you!

your “HOTFIX” ruined me once again, 15 computers that run at 100% cpu, no way to go there and to add insult to injury no way to ask them to restart and try to fix it before is too overloaded because REMOTE CONTROL XMPP SERVERS ARE ON FIRE!!!

just shoot me in the head already, why does this keeps happening, why no one fixes this issue GFD!!!

@nuteks-it ,

Our support team has sent a follow-up email related to your concern with RMM with high CPU usage.
Please review and respond at your convenience. We understand your frustration in regards to your report, this is the more reason we are investigating with the help of our Product Developers . As for the issue with our XMPP servers, the issue has been fixed and our support team sent you an email notification about the fix last Aug. 3, 2019.

Thank you.