Road Map and Dates

Hello, curious if there is a roadmap and some key dates on additions to the full RMM, PM and Service Desk Suites and patches to fix many of the issues that are going on with each part? I like this whole suite of software however it makes it hard to use for business daily with the issues that are going on with each piece (I haven’t really messed with PM, so I can’t state anything for that).

Again I appreciate the quick response eachtime on this forum and look forward to this growing much bigger.

Hello @derrick.kleckner ,

The products are constantly getting updated, patched and adjusted to best suit your needs. This includes the RMM. We do have a ticket history with requests, fixes and additions to both RMM and PM and other Comodo One modules. If you were wondering about something specifically, please let us know and we will inform you about it.

I concur with Derrick. A road map would be very useful. This has been a systemic issue with the relationship between Comodo and the MSPs. We are essentially the customers/end users in the Agile model and we really aren’t being asked to create user stories. We are being asked for features that we want but there seems to be a gap in the development cycle between a feature request and its integration into a sprint. How is the product owner/manager developing the sprints without getting those user stories and if we aren’t seeing the user stories how can we help you make the product what we need it to be? We are here to help you. In order to do that we need to tell you what is important us in more than just an informal feature request. I can see where the breakdown is between the application layer and the UI of the system. To quote Good Will Hunting “Its all about how you group the terms”. The more you bring us into the fold and share what you are trying to do the more we can steer you in the direction that will make this great. We can help focus on the things that we speed our adoption of the product. You are integrating features that are on the fringes of what we need vs. what we actually need for adoption. Valkyrie is a perfect example of that. It sounds like a great tool. I haven’t even looked at it because until I can get patch management working in a way that works for our company. I simply don’t care what kind of other helpful features you have until patch management works reliably.


And as a follow-up I don’t mean to be overly critical. The dev team is doing great work @Ilker. Keep it up!

Thank you for your support @easterntech50 and no offense taken :slight_smile: We are here to help you and we appreciate you providing feedback to help us back.

We were providing the timeline for individual requests but we understand that overall roadmap is also beneficial for you. I will create a post for Q2 targets that we are aiming to release. I will post the link once it is ready.

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That’s great to hear. I appreciate the work being done at Comodo. Please keep in mind these road maps are very useful especially to us Service Providers who are essentially testing out your platform for our businesses. These roadmaps help illustrate not only what issues are being addresses but what can we expect moving forward as our time to test this platform is very limited. We need to constantly make sure the time cost we are sinking into this will be beneficial as we continue to learn this system. Thanks again.

Here is one promise we can make: You will have the best possible solution to run your business. And it will be Free!

@joe.lcit, @easterntech50, @derrick.kleckner

Thanks again for your contributions. Please check the new post about roadmap and let us know if you have any further feedback.