Roaming Agent Security Incidents - How to tell which agent or computer?

Hello, we had a spike of activity under the “Roaming Agent Security Incidents” graphs of comodo dome. This occurred under one company that has three computers/agents installed. How can we tell which agent was actually having the incidents?

I found my answer. In the Comodo Dome Portal:

  1. Click 'Reporting" tab;
  2. Select company of interest in the upper-right;
  3. Select "To Blocked Domains From Agents;
  4. Clicking on the domain, indicated by a “bar graph” will bring up a window with details including the computer name.


Found another shortcut: Right on the “overview” page there is a graph for "Top Blocked Domains From Agents’, you can click right on that for details.

@ktaylor ,

We’re glad to know that your queries were addressed. You can use this additional helpguide for Dome.