Run a powershell script


I have a powershell script that checks for disk size and expands the windows volume if it has less than 5% free. It also does nothing if certain software is installed, and alerts me if there is not enough space available to expand. it has a few variables, and ‘IF’ commands.

What is the best way to run this script as a procedure? I need to run it for multiple PC’s on a schedule. I can put it in a network share and point to it, but then I’d need to configure authentication credentials, so I’d prefer to put all the commands into the procedure section if possible.

The other alternative would be to run a batch script, pointing to the powershell script on the central share, would that be a viable option?


hi @H3Stu

Please refer the below Script which helps you to run Powershell Script.

ITSM will support to run the procedure in scheduled time with selected devices or in all devices .

Thank you