Run Procedure multiple times a day

Just wondering - is it possible to schedule a procedure to run more than once a day? I have one that I need to run maybe once every 30 minutes, for the next few days at least. What’s the best way to go about achieving that without doing it manually?


@at211 ,

Yes. You can another schedule on your profile if need be.

I figured that would be how it is done, but it is frustrating to have to add it many times over on the profile. Can I make a feature request for procedure scheduling that also allows us to specify every x minutes, or every x hours, in addition to the current options (daily/weekly/on a window)?

@at211 ,

Certainly. We’ll make sure that your voice gets heard by our Development Team about this request.

@at211 , thank you for the suggestion, we’re adding now this feature to the list.