Run script if user submits ticket from Communication Client

Is it possible to monitor if the user submits a ticket from the device then run a custom script?

I have had a look at the profiles, and it looks possible if a specific process or service is initiated on the device when a ticket is sent. Does anyone know if there is?


@omnion ,

What custom script are you pertaining to be initialized?

Hi @Jimmy

Ideally, what I’m after is:

If user submits ticket using communication client, run custom text popup to tell user ticket has been received.

What is happening now, is that user submits ticket then emails and calls to see if ticket went through as no confirmation is shown.

I know I could handle this in service desk, but the devices are used by several users, so need a device specific confirmation instead of user confirmation.

@omnion ,

The functionality that you re looking for is still under development with Product Development Team. We will gladly inform you of any updates on this functionality once it arrives in the production environment. And upon checking our Development’s timeline, expected release of this functionality might fall 2018Q3.


Thanks for the quick replies, looking forward to the updates.