Running an existing Vb Script

I have an existing vb script which I want to deploy via Comodo one/ITarian, historically I would do this via startup scripts in AD but I have some remote devices which are aren’t part of the domain and would like to deploy it to them, is this possible?

Many Thanks

@Matty930 ,

We have communicated your request to our Script Developers. We’ll provide you with their feedback as soon as possible.

@Matty930 ,

There is an existing procedure script in the library under Applications > Procedures called Run VBScript files. Use the filter button to narrow down the view and search for that procedure, clone the procedure so that you can edit it, then click View Procedure then Edit, replace the same code with your VBScript code in the vbs= block at the top, save/approve and run against your endpoint.

Hope that helps and have a great day. :slight_smile:

That has worked perfectly thank you