Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment


Can I connect the ITSM to support Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment?

We are using ME MDM today and have “linked” an MDM Profile to that MDM system from the Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment today, which makes the enrollment process easy.

Hi @Noiden
Currently, it is not possible to enroll any Android device to the C1 ITSM through the Samsung Know Mobile Environment. You can try to enroll an Android device ‘linked’ with an MDM Profile from the SKME but there is no guarantee that there will be zero conflict in such a setup. The SKME assigns Android OS-specific settings to the device while the assigned ITSM Profile takes care of the settings related to antivirus (and any other settings that you can’t tweak through SKME).

Ok, is it something you are going to support? Because the enrollment process is a lot faster and easier. In SKME you create MDM-profile with an URI to the app and some .json settings =)


Hi @Noiden
We will forward your suggestion to the developers as a feature request. We will inform you of any updates through email.