Scan and deploy on Windows networks with SMB1 disabled?

Is the current version of ADDT able to deploy agents to PCs that do not have SMB1 enabled? All of the old ways of network access to privileged functions such as admin shared “admin$” or “C$” are going the away especially with Windows 10 since the 1703 build. With 1709 a native fresh install does not include SMB 1. If you do install it after the fact it deactivates itself after 15-days. You have to install it a second time to have it become permanent. Can ADDT connect to devices via WMI/WSMAN to deploy the agents?

I look forward to a reply.


@vitalsupport ,

In regards to ADDT usage, you can review the needed requirements in order to utilize the tool efficiently. Should you encounter any issues in its usage, we can forward a report to our Product Developers to investigate its root cause.