Scheduled Forced Reboot (Server and/or Workstations)

Hi All,

I apologize if this is a repeat question or the feature/script is already available but didnt find this specific scenario. Is there a way to schedule a reboot (weekly) from ITSM? Ideally having this built-in to the ITSM reboot commands would be great vs using a script. However I’d take a script to do this as well. I’d like to be able to schedule a weekly reboot and have an alert emailed upon successful reboot so that I know it occurred. Mainly this is for servers but would also use it for workstations.


And as I just posted this I found this script

I should be able to schedule this procedure. The only other piece though would be adding a function to email upon successful reboot.

Hi @eztech
The ‘Restart operations’ script can be partnered with the ‘Alert if a device restarts or shutdown’ script. You may need to make adjustments on the ‘alert’ settings so that you can enable receiving an email alert.

Thank you. I will give that a try