Scheduling Jobs

Is it possible to schedule jobs? This is helpful for routine maintenance.

Agreed; that would be a helpful feature.

We have a section called “Technical Committe” in this forum and in MSPConsortium.
Could I suggest you guys to take part as part of the Tech Committee please?
Tech Committee determines the future of this product.

Thank you for the suggestion. I created a poll on Tech Committee page. Please vote the poll as how important / urgent you see this feature.

Hi everyone,

We delivered this feature with ITSM 5.4 feature release. Please check the full help guide about how to use it.


The one time schedule is missing.


Please check the dropdown options when you add the procedure to profile. When you choose never as schedule option, it wouldn’t repeat but will run just once on the preferred schedule.

You can check the option from attached screen shot as well.


no, that’s not it. the procedure needs to run only when that policy is added. inputting no start date! that’s what makes it one time. tha’s how ninjarmm is setup and others rmm systems do it.

Hello @TechnoEXPRESS ,

Are you referring to something like “Add a “Run when Profile is applied on Device” option in the Procedures” ? Basically to force a certain procedure to run when (and only) a specific Profile containing that Procedure is applied to a Device?

yes, if that helps for you to understand. if it’s simpler to implement that to procedures, or just modify the scheduler to add “one time”.

Thank you for confirming, @TechnoEXPRESS . We have contacted you by email to confirm this as a request. We will communicate updates through email.

ok, i already submitted that a week or so ago to C1-Support. I just notice this posting closed as if the feature has already been added.

Yes, @TechnoEXPRESS , like we mentioned in the email message, we have re-opened the case and we will provide updates as soon as we have them.

@TechnoEXPRESS ,

Thanks, good point. We will improve it.