script for patch management

A script procedure that can:

  • Retrieve all current month updates and output to a csv file
  • Download and install those updates using the csv file

Retrieve all current month updates and download and install those updates.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

@reinamsp ,

We have coordinated with our Script Developers for your request. We’ll make sure to provide you of their output as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can visit our scripts repository and see if any of our current patch scripts can work for your other needs.

We would like to put this out here @reinamsp.

Utilizing such a script would need to consider the following:
> OS of selected endpoint: different set of updates are provided per OS version
> PC (GPU) manufacturer: not all updates released monthly is needed/applicable to the endpoint (take note of CPU/GPU architecture and manufacturer)
> Delivery / Installation: the more varying the selected endpoints (OS / CPU / etc.), the more complicated to implement

The Patch Management or the custom patch procedure is the better route to take here.

Hi Rick,
I agree however the issue my client is having is that the patch management module isn’t accurately reporting any updates on his servers. Hence the need for an alternative solution to this issue. Now if the custom patch procedure would have an options like “current month” that would solve this current problem he is having right now.

Wouldnt it be better that they fixed the broken patch management module instead of creating a workaround?

I agree that the module should be fixed and updated in a timely manner, but to have a workaround ready for just such an occasion is also good programming/design practice. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes and no.

Yes, it would be nice to have but they seem to have very little development resources that actually understand their own product.

No, not really needed since you can just do the update on the server or just set the updates to run on their own. If patch management is not working then the platform is really worthless.

Valid point sir.

I understand where you are coming from, looking for ways to make this platform work.
I have been the same way but I am starting to wonder if I am just wasting my time.
There are a reason this FREE platform is not very popular and has poor reviews.

It seems to be developed and managed by people who has never work in the industry and never used this platform - or any other platform for that matter.
The lack of reports is stunning. The poor interface flow is a clear indicator of developers who dont use this platform and dont get it.
Reporting this, usually get you a nice response that says we will look into it in the next 6-12 months.

When you break this down, I think this platform has a communication client with scripting ability and thats about it.
But the price for the endpoint protection is so high our customers are rejecting it. They ask why they should pay $14 more per device and I can’t explain it.

But I already bought 70 licenses, they said I got 72 but its only showing 70 and I get notifications all the time we are over our amount.
I see the potential and really want it to work. I love that its “free” and I love how willing they are to create scripts. But the platform needs drastic improvements.
I am not sure the current development team is capable since I dont think they understand how to use this platform.

The problem is that patch management does not work all the time.

currently I have reported both seeing foreign language patches and that the portal see every single device as fully patched but thats not the case.
So right now for us, patch management is broken - AGAIN.

So you can schedule it all you want but if its not working, its not doing any good.

@smartcloud , @reinamsp ,

We have indeed come a long way of redefining the mechanisms of the platform and we’re sure we’re far from being mature. We do fully understand the reports from MSPs experiencing issues and we make sure to urgently report them to our Product Teams who investigates same case scenarios over different ones aiming at different approaches depending on data presented through logs that we acquire. We apologize to hear that these situations delays productivity of our MSPs partners, but you can rest assure that the entire team works around the clock to have those issues, improvements, fixes and requests addressed in the quickest time possible.


Sure we are reporting it. But so much of this we would never have to report if the development team had someone that actually worked with the platform and in the industry.
You are hoping we will report it AND hang around long enough for it to be good enough to use. I find more and more people who tried and left.

I was so exited when I first started to use the platform. I didnt really see the problems before I really started to use the product.
The more i use it the less exited I get, I really understand the criticism of the platform now.
Its like a shiny car until you pop the hood and realize its a hamster in a wheel thats the engine.
I wish I spent more time under the hood before buying licenses and implementing this.

@smartcloud ,

We appreciate your honest feedback about our platform. This forum is indeed the proper venue for it. Our platform is created by our developers but much of the improvements actually come from suggestions by actual end users like you. Thank you. Please rest assured that we are always committed to working on resolutions for you and we strive to deliver the best product for you.