script for silent install of jetboost and jetclean

Is it possible to get a script to silent install jetboost and jetclean

Hi @cyberpros

As per our analysis, script procedure to the silent installation of jetboost and jetclean are possible provided direct download links or network share path.
Do you want the script to download these files from the internet or copy the files from network share path?

Please share direct download URLs (You can host it on your side if requires ) if you want the script to download files from the internet for silent installation.




Thank you for sharing the link.

Could you please upload the files to your preferred hosting server and share the direct download link.Because the given link acts slow and downloading the partial file through the script.
As of now, script template is ready. If you shared working URL, we will check and update the script procedure

Please use this script

It will install the JetClean software in the endpoints.

For installing the software, instead of scripts, you can prefer patch management process support providing by Comodo.
It will provide timely updates for the supporting software.

Now we have started to provide support for JetClean patch updates by testing the compactibility of the software for the silent installation and successful replacement of older version.

Similarly, we can also add the “Jet boost” but we are unable to find the older version for the JetBoost.

So we request you to provide the older version for the jet boost if available or direct download link of that software would also be helpful.

20170629-Install_Jetclean.json (3.85 KB)