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We are glad to announce “Custom Script Monitors”. You would be able to monitor anything and customize the monitors exactly as you wish with this feature.

Please see our Wiki guide on below link.…oring-upcoming

We will be sharing community driven templates under this topic as well.


Here is the link to see all the scripts:

Generates the alert if any Hardware changes at endpoint

Alerts if health status changes in S.M.A.R.T status of hard drives

Alert if the restore point size is more than the threshold space

Generates the alert if any software Uninstalled, installed or updated…led-or-updated

Monitoring triggers for Administrator actions…trator-actions

Alert if Required Software is missing on endpoint user…end-point-user

Monitor permissible No.of processes…o-of-processes

License Key Monitoring, Triggers Alert if “Windows is not activated”…-not-activated

Alert if endpoint user opens the Unauthorised URL…authorised-url

Get Alert if any Certificate Expiring in next 30 days - Custom Monitor…custom-monitor

Alert if Uncleaned Infections are detected on Endpoint - Custom Monitor…custom-monitor

Alert if the endpoints has pending reboots…ending-reboots

Alert If The IP Address Changes…-custom-script

Alert if the firewall disabled in the endpoint…-custom-script

Script for monitoring the user Access report(logon/logoff/logonfailure)…f-logonfailure

Alert when USB Removable disk is connected to the system.…cted-to-system

Alert when the password changed in your system…in-your-system

Monitoring Disk usage-activity

Hurray!!! This is a much needed capability…now we have it!!!

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We are also using this script for SMART monitoring of Hard Drives until its part of the NATIVE ITSM monitoring

command = “wmic diskdrive get Caption, Status”
if “Pred Fail” in (out):
print (out)
print (out)

Alert if a restore point is created

Monitoring Disk usage-activity

Alert if Backup Failed in past 24 hours

Generates the alert if any software Uninstalled, installed or updated

Alert if the backup succeeded in past 24 hours

Alert if a device restarts or shutdown

Alert if the device goes online

Alert if device went offline or online

Web page Content Monitoring

Alert if Comodo Client Security is not installend on end point


Monitor availability of comodo log database.

Alert if new scheduled task created

Alert if RAM usage reaches threshold value

Generates alert if windows update is not downloaded for 60 days

Generates the Alert if any file is removed or Added within specified path

Alert if Veeam Agent Backup is success

Restart the service and alert with the appropriate error

Script to monitor the trust between the computers and domain

Trigger Alert when User Account Control is Authorized

Monitoring Configuration Templates

Script to monitor automatic services

Script to read a .txt or .log file and match against regular expression

Script to generate alert for windows server backup status.

Generate alert if the drive storage is low

Alert if a file is not in a particular folder.

Generate Alert if a Process uses more Memory or CPU

Script to notify windows license expiry and domain registration renewals

Generate Alert if mounted network drive storage is low

List the Mail’s PST Files with its Sizes.

Generate Alert when the Domain Admins Group changes

Script to alert when gpsvc service is stopped

Custom Script Request for Monitoring Condition that alerts when a local or domain administrator account gets created on a server.

Script to monitor bit locker status for all drives

Script to generate alert for windows backup status

the “Alert if the device goes online” and “Alert if device went offline or online” links do not work. Have these been replaced?

No need for a script for this feature; you should see this as a monitor in the list to select just like CPU Usage

@fenno182 ,

Thanks @StrobeTech for pointing it out.

I would like to be be able to monitor my vmware servers at my clients (% cpu, disk, defective disks etc). Is there such a script available?

Hi @abilit ,

We have forwarded your script request to our Developers and we’ll get back to you as soon we have updates. Thank you

Hello @abilit,

Our script developers send an update to your script request.

Hypervisor like VMWare ESXI is not supported in our Endpoint Manager RMM software yet and script development is not possible at this moment as it is unsupported by Endpoint Manager. Our script developers suggested forming a new Feature Request under Endpoint Manager to support and make your request work which we have coordinated with the respective team.

  • Endpoint Manager support for VMware server 'VMWare ESXI'
  • Health status monitoring(S.M.A.R.T) for the defective disk of VMWare servers.

We will keep you posted via this forum page and related support ticket for the update on the mentioned feature. Thank you


I’m interested in a couple of the scripts:
Script to read a .txt or .log file and match against regular expression…lar-expression

Alert if a file is not in a particular folder.…ticular-folder

But when I click on the links I’m getting 404 Not Found pages.

Hi @bryan.houliston,

Thanks for reporting to us. We will ask our developer team and update you regarding this.

Kind Regards,

Hi @bryan.houliston,

Please find the requested Scripts

Read a .txt or .log file and match against regular expression

Alert if a file is not in a particular folder

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