Script needed to install Adobe Reader and set it as the default PDF viewer

Please create a script to install the latest Adobe Reader 64 bit and set it as the default PDF viewer for either all users of a PC or at least the current user. Since you’d have to run the script as the system user, I’d imagine it would have to set the default PDF viewer for all users.

A script that automatically sets Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer for the currently logged on user as well would be really helpful.


Hi @RussKinch,

Thanks for your script request. We have asked our script developers to check and provide their feedback.
We will share the requested script here once it is ready.

Kind Regards,

Hi @RussKinch,

Our script developers were able to achieve the installation of the latest Adobe Reader 64bit which in JSON file
20200211-Install_Adobe_Reader_and_set_it_as_the_default_PDF _viewer.json

but they aren’t able to achieve “Set it as the default PDF viewer for either all users of a PC” in the script.
They have tried the following link…pdfviewer.html steps but can’t able to achieve.

They found another way to set the default pdf viewer → After installation open the adobe reader, it will show the prompt like this:

Click Yes and go through the next steps.

Tested in Windows 10.
Run as System User and Logged in User.

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20200211-Install_Adobe_Reader_and_set_it_as_the_default_PDF_viewer.json (3.02 KB)