Script needed to install Adobe Reader and set it as the default PDF viewer

Please create a script to install the latest Adobe Reader 64 bit and set it as the default PDF viewer for either all users of a PC or at least the current user. Since you’d have to run the script as the system user, I’d imagine it would have to set the default PDF viewer for all users.

A script that automatically sets Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer for the currently logged on user as well would be really helpful.


@RussKinch You can push out Adobe through the ITSM Windows Application Store or use one of the ITarian script procedures to download the standalone .exe package and run a silent install (like this one: The silent install switch for current .exe version of Reader DC is: /sAll /rs

Setting default file associations can be done through GPOs and DISM, however the most reliable method we have found (for this and other file associations) is to use an ITarian script procedure to push down a little utility called SetUserFTA and run that with relevant file association switch, which for Adobe Reader DC is: SetUserFTA.exe .pdf Acroexch.Document.DC

SetUserFTA is available here: