Script Pages - Clean-up, Organisation and Indexing

We would really benefit from some work on the script pages. There are some duplications and overall it is difficult to get a picture of what’s available. Also, they don’t always tie-in nicely with what is in the ITSM Procedures/Predefined Procedures.

Duplications and Tagging:

For example, the software inventory Reports section has three similar scripts:

  1. Generate the software inventory details as one report and sends an E-Mail - 2018-03-01
  2. Software inventory of selected devices as one report and sending Email - 2017-11-23
  3. Script to Generate software Inventory report and send it to an email - 2017-11-17

These are tagged as “Email” and “Software Inventory” but number 3 is also tagged as “all” and “installed programs”

The individual Application script (not a Report) is:
“Get Software Inventory” - 2018-09-26, but is tagged only as “integration”

ITSM Procedures/Predefined Procedures

The title and created/revised dates for the Report procedure doesn’t match the one in the ITSM repository, which is:
“Generate software inventory details as one report and send an e-mail”, created date 2018-07-14

The Application script title matches, but not the creation date:
“Get software inventory”, created date 2019-04-13

Finally, we it would save everyone - both us and the developers - a lot of time, searching, requesting, developing, debugging and improving scripts if:

  1. Old posts for requested scripts that have been created are removed.

  2. Any requests for scripts or features that have already been created, requested or are in the Voting system, be replied to as such and then removed from this forum.

  3. There were two simple, unpaginated, Index pages for all scripts with Title/Link, Summary and Revision date. One for Monitor scripts and another for the rest.

  4. The suggested Index pages should also list the ones already requested or that are in the Voting system with the roadmap date instead of the revision date. This would give us a complete picture of what’s available, what’s in the request queue and what’s coming and when. We completely get that priorities change and that any roadmap indications would be subject to multiple revisions. (A published roadmap has been requested in the forum posts as well.)

  5. A naming convention is implemented for scripts. For example, the titles of scripts started with categorizations so they are conveniently grouped in the page Indexes and in the ITSM portal as well. For the above inventory scripts, it could be Inventory - Software - Script Title.

  6. There was a comments section on the script page itself for bug comments, amendment suggestions and the like. I made this suggestion back in March 2018 but haven’t heard anything since the initial reply:

I appreciate that this is a major overhaul but I feel it would be of huge benefit and a big time-saver for all parties. Further, it would provide a really solid basis for meeting your commitment to “Your voice matters” and for continuing your excellent work in developing the platform.

Hi @amcssit ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will communicate with our Script Developers about this and we will send you an email to help you keep track of your request.