Script procedure to backup files,folders and drive for acronis cloud

Hello everyone,

Please Refer this ITSM script if you want to backup an file, folder and Drive from your computer to Acronis cloud backup. Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced are a disk-based backup and recovery programs


*** This Script Can Backup the System Drive But Recovering the System Drive from Acronis using this script is Strictly not Recommended (It Causes System Crash) ***

1.Before running this script its mandatory you run the script Change Logon Credential of an Service with username and password from the following link provide the Administrator Account credentials to the above-mentioned script.

2.In username and password field please provide the Acronis account username and password.

3.Assign input=1 in program if you want to backup the folder

4.Assign input=2 in program if you want to backup the file

5.Assign input=3 if you want to backup the drive

6.If your input is 1 or 2 in program provide the path for the file or folder to be backed up



ITSM script procedure to backup and restore windows OS using Acronis cloud is in progress.