Script request - DFS Replication Monitor

Can I request a script to use in a custom procedure/monitor to monitor the size of DFSr backlogs? The powershell command:

(Get-DfsrBacklog -verbose -sourcecomputername {source_computer} -DestinationComputerName {destination_computer}) | out-string -stream | select-string ‘VERBOSE’

works fine to output the backlog for each connection in a DFS Namespace but has to be run on DCs with elevated admin creds and won’t run in the local system context.

Hi amcssit,

Thanks for your script request. We have asked our script developers to analyse.

Kind Regards,

Hi @amcssit,

Sorry, this script is not doable. Our script developers analyzed your script request and found that provided power shell command can’t work without admin privilege’s.
We are happy to hear if you have any other possible solutions to try.

Kind Regards,

Shame, but I will create a scheduled task to handle it instead.

Hi @amcssit,

We are sorry for not able to find proper solution. Our script developers want to confirm whether its possible to achieve without admin rights in task scheduler
Thanks for your input.

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