Script Request - Script to add VPN to Win 10 standalone laptops

I was curious if it is possible to automate the addition of VPN to a few of our standalone remote endpoints. Ideally it’d just setup all parameters with the initial setup. From there it’d be on the endpoint to enter credentials.

Hi @caravanhealth

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Hi @caravanhealth,

To add VPN Connection to the Endpoint, You will have to set up the following parameters on the script but at the basic level, you would only have to give server address and name.

The outcome of the script would create a connection link like the picture below.

So please confirm us whether this is your requirement.

  • If we misunderstood then please explain us in more detail or we would contact you through your email address for further understanding.

Thank you.


thank you all so much. i will run this tomorrow and let you know.

We are actually looking to do the same with our laptops. This would be great.

And if we could have a method to force it to always be on would be helpful as well. Trying to better manage our remote machines.

Hi @zabolyx,

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Please use the link to get our script and let us know your feedback.

If we have misunderstood, please let us know your requirement in more detail

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