Script request: Set passw and account policy than force passw reset for provided users

I need a script to enforce security for our warehouse shift-workers laptops. These are non-domain windows 10/11 Home and Pro used to access an inventory cloud app. I need to set these windows policies. Than for a provided list of users force passw reset at logon.
Passw policies:
-maximum passw age
-minimum passw length
-passw complexity enabled/disabled
-#passw remembered in history

Account lockout policy:
-lockout duration
-lockout treshold
-allow administrator acc lockout enabled/disabled
-reset acc lockout counter after x time

Force passw reset at logon:
-users list

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Hi @IT-Tech1 ,

Welcome to our ITarian community. We have shared your request with our script developers.
The script will be shared here once its ready.

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