Script Request - WMIC no reboot

I am trying to write a script that prevents automatic reboot after the uninstall. The syntax for the WMIC abort uninstall has been added into my script (/nointeractive|wmic && shutdown /a) however it doesn’t appear to take effect. When I uninstall a program using this script it still automatically reboots. Is there something that can be added to the script to prevent automatic reboots OR is there a way to prompt the user to restart and give them the postpone options like in the OS or 3rd party patching procedures?

import os;
out=os.popen(‘wmic product where name="%s" call uninstall /nointeractive|wmic && shutdown /a’%(proName)).read();

@matthew.hedtcke ,

We have forwarded the output of your test to our Script developers for analysis. We will provide you with their feedback as soon as possible.

Hello @matthew.hedtcke

Try with including these commands: