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Hi everyone,

As you know,we can run on demand or schedule any Python script over devices.

Tell us what you want to automate, and we will be more than happy to write a script for you.

These scripts will be shared, contributing to this awesome community.

Thank you all for your input in advance!


Here is the link to see all the scripts

How about a simple script that prints out how long it has been or when was the last time since the selected computer has restarted?

Hi Ming,

There is a System Uptime counter on the device summary page, if you go to ITSM > Device list and click on a computer its on the right column on the first page

Hi Ming,

You can check last system restarted time using script posted in below link,

On the device summary page, I only see Active at, Added at, and DB updated at. Where is System Uptime?

I just added the procedure. It works perfectly! Much appreciated.

Looks like I need to learn some Python…

@Ming ,

You are always welcome. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Regarding your question to @dougaust , that information is enabled when you deploy RMM Plug-in agent to your devices for now. But we will also move that information to Comodo Client soon.


That makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to fix my login issue to get into RMM. Thanks again.


I would like to know if you could build me a procedure to have the Bitlocker status of devices drives ?

command must be launched with high privilege account:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>manage-bde -status
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool version 10.0.14393
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Disk volumes that can be protected with
BitLocker Drive Encryption:
Volume C: []
[OS Volume]

    Size:                 229.23 GB
    BitLocker Version:    2.0
    Conversion Status:    Fully Encrypted
    Percentage Encrypted: 100.0%
    Encryption Method:    AES 256
    Protection Status:    Protection On
    Lock Status:          Unlocked
    Identification Field: Unknown
    Key Protectors:
        Numerical Password
        External Key

Maybe you will offer it also as a “compliance indicator” ? :slight_smile: for “PC with bitlocker (all drives, part of all drives, zero drives)” :slight_smile:

Sure, let’s start with script…

Hi @rbo ,

Please refer script regarding bitlocker status of disk drives.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but when monitoring sends an email indicating a device has exceeded its CPU, RAM and/or HDD limits can we get a list of the top 5 apps using the resources with the email? Doing so might give a clue of what caused the problems at the time, rather than try to locate it after the fact. Alternatively, is there a procedure for troubleshooting the cause of these warnings?



If you are searching for scripts that you can use in ITSM this is the correct place, but since the features that you requested are not available at the current time, we will contact you via e-mail to discuss more about the possible implementation of them.

We would provide remediation options where you can define procedures to run when there is a monitoring alert. In your use case, you can define a procedure that list top X resource consuming process to be collected and more. Coming soon…


I have tons of useful scripts written in powershell, is there a way to call them from python, I am new to python.
Also if there is any feature coming to pass parameters when you manually trigger the Procedures, to avoid creating multiple Procedures for the same activity?



Below is the template you can use. We will post it on script library as well.

import subprocess;
process=subprocess.Popen(["powershell","Get-Childitem C:\\Windows\\*.log"],stdout=subprocess.PIPE);
print (result)

Everyone would appreciate your help if you can also share those useful scripts under script library with forum community!

Thanks in advance,

Here is the link on Script library:

As additional info, you can also run an existing script with below sample procedure:

import subprocess;
print result

We will also post this on library.

Hi @rvargas12

Please use below sample script to execute your powershell scripts,

How about a script to remove certain software, like Teamviewer* or anything matching a regex string that is in Programs and Features?

Hello @indieserve ,

Thank you for your request. We will get back to you with an update as soon as possible!

Here it is: