Script runs ok, but returns failed

I imported the script from here.
and when i run it however ti returns failed, even though the script logs appears to show its run fine

The tool is downloading SMART Support is Available SMART support is enabled Health status Passed Offline Uncorrectable Attribute is passed Current Pending Sector Attribute is Passed Temperature of Hard drive is 30 Your HARD DISK is safe

Hi @rockowwc
Will it be alright if we ask for a screenshot that shows the result of running this script? This is to help our script developers better understand your concern.

Hi @rockowc

The Script should be run as Custom monitoring Only so please run the script as custom monitoring for expected output

if you need any clarification while Running the custom monitoring script please refer the below wiki topic that tells how to run it as a custom monitoring script.


The way I wanted to use it was look for Event log errors for hard drive or ntfs and when detected use that script for automated remediation by checking the smart status…
If it passes all good, if not raise a ticket so the machine can be checked.

Hi @rockowwc

Your idea seems good. We will start the progress and reach you back with resultant script link.

Thank you.

Liking idea, keep us updated!

Hi @rockowwc

We have modified the script to look for the event log errors for hard drive and if such event id is detected it will check for the smart status of the hard drive.

Kindly refer the following link for the script :

Thank you.