Script to ADD or REMOVE FlashStart Certification

Dear all,

I would like to have a script in order to install / unistall FlashStart Cerfitication to WorkStations ( Windows 11 and Windows 10 )
Thank you in advance.

Hi @ADrak ,

Can you please share the FlashStart certificate to be installed on the devices? Please upload to any online storage and share the download link.

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Our certification is on this link:ISNET Cloud-Office

Thank you so much for providing the certificate.

Hi @ADrak ,

Please try this script prepared by our script developers to suffice your needs.

1) Run as local system user

2) Parameter must be given as integer at CerFlag label

Example: 1 → install certificate, 0 → uninstall certificate

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Good morning!!

I really appreciate your fast and effective response.
I’ll come back with some feedback!