Script to check and install java update and adobe acrobat reader updates


would it be possible to create a script to check and install java update and adobe acrobat reader updates.

doesn’t have to be combined. thank you !

Hi @jahfar

we will progress your script and provide good results within 2 working days.

Thank you

FYI. You can see and install 3rd party updates in the Patch Management section if ITSM. :wink:

Hello @jahfar ,

As @dittoit said, you don’t need to wait for the script of our operation team. You can use ITSM Patch Management to update Java and Acrobat Reader along with other 260 applications supported by ITSM Patch Management!

Here is a wiki link about third party patch management on ITSM

We are looking forward to hearing your other experiences with ITSM Patch Managemennt and C1 in general.

best regards,
Product Manager of ITSM Patch Management.

Hi @jahfar

Thank you for contacting us. You don’t need to have a script from us for your request. It has been available already as a built-in option. All you have to do is just create a third party patch procedure for required applications update and schedule it with profiles.

Please refer below-mentioned wiki topic to achieve it.


Hey guys!

Thank you for the responses I figured out to do it with your comments, thanks very much for the insights!

Jahfar Campbell

I have avoided this like the plague as we have had this reinstall software you have removed like Malewarebytes which is not helpful.

The idea is nice, but what is the advantage of this over using Chocolatey and running a weekly update script?

Hello @StrobeTech , I am sorry for the bad experrience with us. I dont know when this experience happened but I can say that we have been making efforts to improve both our package inventory and overall stability. We have now 1100+ packages belonging to 291 softwares.

You can set a 3rd Party Patch Procedure and schedule it weekly/monthly/daily to update any software supported by ITSM Patch Management. We are currently working on improving our skillset and ability to install/uninstall software like Chocolatey is the highest priority.

We are looking forward to hearing your experiences with ITSM Patch Management.

Product Manager for ITSM Patch Management

With your patch management tool, can you install a new application these days??

I have not looked at it in a couple months so a little rusty.

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Not yet but it is the top feature on our to-do list.

Kind regards,

Hi @emrah.samdan

Can you keep us updated on when this feature will be available as it would then allow us to create profiles based on that to assign to computers instead of using additional third-party tools like Chotolately.

Sure I will. But just to be sure, what you are looking for is: installing an application through ITSM and periodically checking for the available updates and install them without any interaction?

To fully explain what we currently use Chocolately for and what we need, here is an example.

As a company, we have a default set of applications we install on to all our maintenance / MSP clients machines, things like Adobe Reader, Java etc…
What would be really good is to be able to create a profile that contained all these applications, we could then apply it to a computer, user or group which installed them if missing.

On top of offering the default installed applications, it would be good to have a library of OpenSource and other free applications we could push to a PC upon request. These would then be kept up-to-date with the standard profile you can already create for third-party updates.

I hope this makes sense?

Great input indeed. we are planning to make ITSM able to install applications to endpoints and idea of adding installing applications by default increased its effectiveness.

I will make sure to add the 3rd party applications profile.

Would you share your default applications’ list you pushed on endpoints? We can

  1. be sure, all are supported by ITSM
  2. might create a default profile of 3rd party applications for default profile.

my best regards,

Hi Emrah,

the default list we currently have for clients are: -

  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Player
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Java SE Runtime Environment
  • PeaZip
  • Notepad++
We used to have more but have streamlined a little. We then offer the following to clients if they then want it: -
  • FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • ImgBurn
  • Audacity
  • CutePDF
  • Paint.NET
  • Inkscape
Hopefully, you can see most of these are standard tools and apps needed for any Windows-based computer to be usable; anything other than this is Line-of-Business Applications and installed manually at present.

Hello again @StrobeTech,

Thanks for sharing. We are supporting all items in the default list. I think, it would be beneficial to put the browsers into the default list.

I went over your list and saw that the missing ones are Audacity, Paint.NET and Inkscape. I will ping our team to support those applications as well. I will update you with the good news hopefully.

Thanks for collaboration,