Script to enable Chrome, Edge and Firefox security features

The guys in the scripts team recently produced this great script to enable the security features in Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Can anyone suggest changes or additional features to add?

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Hello, @nct

It’s great to hear that your scripts team has developed a script to enhance security features across browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. To suggest changes or additional features, I would recommend considering the following:

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure that the script functions seamlessly across different versions of the browsers.
User Privacy: Add features that enhance user privacy, such as automatic cookie clearing or tracker blocking.
Ease of Use: Include a simple user interface or instructions so that users with varying levels of technical expertise can utilize the script.
Customization: Allow users to customize the level of security based on their preferences and needs.
Regular Updates: Incorporate a mechanism for the script to receive updates in response to new security threats.

For more specific suggestions, it would be helpful to know the current capabilities of the script.

Remember to test any new features thoroughly to ensure they don’t interfere with the browser’s functionality.

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