Script to Install Actifile

Hello to the script writing team.

Script to Install a Product called “Actifile”.
Actifile is a product the can be installed on Windows 10+ and MacOS devices. The priority is for Window devices.

I have an application that would like to deploy to Customers defined in Itarian MSP poral.
The install process and the uninstall process requires a Key of format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX the X can be any alpha numeric character.
It creates a very serious problem if by mistake the incorrect install key is used or a different key is used to deploy to customer devices that are added later after the original deployment.

Is it possible for you to create a script the does the following.

  1. Read a file, lets call it the “CustomerKeyFile” for example a simple .csv file that contains three columns, the first column is the Customer Name as defined within the Itarian Portal, columns 2 and 3 contain the Install key and the uninstall key respectively.

  2. When the procedure is run against selected devices for a customer, the script would reference the CustomerKeyFile, use the Itarian Customer name as an index into the Customer file and retrieve the Install Key for that customer. If no customer exists in the CustomerKetFile or if the key is not of the correct format, then exit the script with a error message stating the problem.

  3. Then call the Actifile Vendor provided deployment Powershell install script passing the Installation key to the powershell script.

The Actifile vendor deployment script when run on the remote device and will download the install .msi file from their website and use the provided key to do the install. The vendors install scripts checks if the application has already be installed, and exits accordingly. So that work is already done. We just need something to eliminate the possibility of the wrong install key being used.
Of course if the wrong install key is in the CustomerKeyFIle, that is not fault of the script.

If this is possible, please contact me, and I will send you the link to download the Vendors Install script, so that you can confirm what is required.

Regards Ian

Hi @Ian_Clarke,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have asked our script developers to analyze and provide feedback.

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Hello @Ian_Clarke,

Please check your Inbox for a private message and provide the requested details.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Ian_Clarke,

Thanks for providing the setup file link and sharing script with us. We have published the script for those who need it.

Kind Regards,