Script to install MSI from a network share - for CDDP (also known as Comodo myDLP)


We already have the MSI insallation capability through an URL (or a file that is already on the endpoint at a known location)

What my customer needs is a way to distribute and install a MSI file that resides in a network share and report which endpoints have failed/succeded to download and install it. (and if there were any error messages about it)
Comodo DLP agent is reachable on a network share as a MSI (\IP\somepath\agent.msi), This script is wanted to distribute it through ITSM.

Hi @Antean

Thank you for your request. We will get back to you once the script request has been completed.


Hi @Antean ,

Refer this script to install MSI file from a network share,

Thank you.