Script to monitor Domain Controller trust

I just came across this powershell script that checks the trust between computers and the domain and attempts to repair them if they are broken. I was hoping this could get Made into a custom monitoring script. I am not sure how to run ps scripts with python and get output back into comodo.

Hello @drewwcomputers ,

This could be possible.
We will get in touch with you shortly via email for further analysis.
Thank you.


Thank you for contacting us for your script request. We will update you once completed.​​​​​​​

do you think that we could modify the end of the code, so that in the end instead of raising an alert run the command “Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Repair” and print “Repair attempted” and also raise an alert to double check if it was successful.

Hi @drewwcomputers

We will modify the script as per your requirement and update you soon.

Thank You