script to move endpoints from one group to another group

Do we have a script to move endpoints from one group to another. I would hate to have to go into each and every endpoint and manually move each endpoint from one group to another. Please let me know if it exists or if that script can be created.

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We already coordinated the above request to our Script Developers and we will provide a feedback as soon as possible.

@reinamsp , are you looking to move the endpoint from one designated group to another within a single Comodo One account, or are you looking to migrate them to another Comodo One account?

Hello Kristan,
Wow - it’s always nice to have options, however I would be very happy with the ability to move within a single comodo 1 account.
thank you

For moving devices from one C1 account to another C1 account, there is a script already available to accomplish that objective.

For your concern @reinamsp, moving devices from one company/device group to a different company/device group (of course, within the same C1 account), there is no need for a script. This can be done already within the ITSM. Feel free to read the wiki guide for it.

Hello Rick C,
I see that there is a way to move the device however If I have 30 - 40 devices, there is no way of doing all devices in one move it would need to be done one by one. This is the reason why I was looking for a script.

In the wiki guide I linked @reinamsp, you can select multiple devices and change their owner in one go.

Thank you @Rick_C that was very helpful.