Script to notify backup


Could we get a script that we can use similar to this please.…-email-alerts/

Basically we use windows server backup but would like a script to email once it’s complete to tell us that the backup has completed successfully or failed each time then to have options where we can change the smtp outgoing address and the to address.

But give me free space remaining, storage used and how long it took if possible.

We are running server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Many Thanks.


Hi @monster-it ,

Thanks for your request we will analyse about it and get back to you once we have completed the script.

Thank You

Hi, Is there an update?

Hello @monster-it,

We have requested an update to our script developers and share the update via this forum page once available. Thank you

Hello @monster-it

Here is the JSON script file for your request:

This script will hit an alert if backup fails, success, error, completed with warnings.
Kindly, configure alert setting to send an email.

Thank you

20190304-serve_bckp.json (12.6 KB)