Script to restart ITSM Service on domain joind PC


so i have a script to restart the ITSM agent to help solve the problem where endpoints show offline in the ITSM portal.
2 files:
put the ITSM Service.ps1 file in D:\scripts for example
put the Restart ITSM.ps1 on the desktop.

to run the script right click edit the Restart ITSM.ps1, change the line to suit the location and the pc name, then run it.

This will restart the ITSMService on the remote pc :slight_smile: it will now show up in the ITSM Portal.

ITSM (536 Bytes)

Hello @dittoit
Thank you very much for sharing your method to restart the ITSM service in PCs within a domain. Much appreciated.

To anyone who would like to use the above script, let me just inform you that it is a PowerShell script. Hence, please do not run the above script through ITSM/RMM.

Needless to say, if you need clarifications about the PowerShell script, please do not hesitate to ask in this thread so that @dittoit can properly address it.

Hi @dittoit , @Rick_C

This is a awesome first step of resolving some of the issues from the other tickets as well. It would be nice if one could build a procedure for restarting services remotely, as most of the clients that are showing of-line aren’t actually offline and still receive the commands. It is just the “Remote Control” feature that is offline.
I have tried messing with the “Stop a Service” Procedure under “Predefined Procedures -> System”, however i can’t seem to get any of those to work even against systems sitting right next to me just for testing.

If we have procedure:
import os;
result=os.popen(‘wmic service spooler call StopService’).read();
result=os.popen(‘wmic service spooler call StartService’).read();

potentially it should restart. However i am not sure how the Stop procedure takes in a variable as to which procedure to stop or start. If there is a procedure coding manual/guide that would be useful.


Comodo, can someone please adapt this to run VIA another connected device on the same network.

SO, server1 is online, server2 is offline, please make it possible to restart the ITSMservice on server2 via a script but run from server1.

Cheers James.

Hello @dittoit,

The request for the script has been sent to our script writers. We will keep you posted via this forum page and the ticket associated with the request. Thank you

@Ilker @melih This was the script i was asking for

a 2nd script : this should be able to remove a choice of comodo products (no restart) and if needed reinstall the agent.

Hi @dittoit,

The requested script was analyzed and written. Please refer the to following link for the script