Script to restart print spooler if stopped or hanging

Would be good to have this 95% of my work is restarting the print spooler.

I think you need to use a custom script for this. You can setup a monitor to check if the service is running if not it can trigger a customer script. Again. Check out the help section and scripts section.

Hi monster-it,

There’s already a script to start a service and a monitoring option to detect if that service goes down predefined within the ITSM

For detection of ‘hanging’ and ‘restarting a service’ you’d need a custom monitoring script for this detection first. Then a script for restarting a service. The second one is already available at ;

Feel free to request for a custom script in this section though I suggest clearly defining 'under which ciscumstances should the service be considered as “hanging” ’ so that the teams can have a more clearer goal.

Also, I suggest taking a look at this script to see if it may help with your requirement ;

Best wishes