Script to run patchcleaner

Would be nice if you could create a procedure that will run the patchcleaner with various command lines.

Hi @smartcloud

We are analyzing your request and update you once the script has been completed.
Thank you.

Hi @smartcloud

Please refer the below JSON for running patch cleaner on your endpoint,



Run as System User

Edit Parameters:

v=1 ## This option will delete the orphaned files

v=2 ## This option will move the orphaned files to the default location
( i.e, “C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeDev\PatchCleaner\PatchCleanerBackup” or “C:\ProgramFiles\HomeDev\PatchCleaner\PatchCle anerBackup”)

v=3 ## This option will move the orphaned files to the specified location . Provide “path_extract” location
(i.e, path_extract=‘C:\ProgramData’ for value v=3,)

Let us know your feedback to us,


20181003-patch_cleaner.json (14.9 KB)

This worked great.
Only tried it with V=1 but tried it on Windows 7 desktop, Windows 10 virtual and Windows 2012 R2 Server VM.
Worked on all of them.

Thank you so much.

Hi @smartcloud

Thank you for your feedback. You’re welcome:D