Script to transfer one Comodo Acronis agent installation to another Comodo Account

We need to swap clients from one Comodo account to another - specifically the Acronis agent/login information. Is there a script to uninstall from one Comodo Account and re-install using another Comodo account information-- perhaps in combination with the script which already uninstalls one Comodo Agent and reinstalls with another Comodo account token? Again this is specifically for Acronis to move over too.

@evoevoevo ,

We have forwarded your request to our Script Developers for analysis. We will provide you an update of their output as soon as possible.

I realize this is an old post, but it appears I will need to be doing this as well. We’ve had a re-organization with our company and how we support our remote sites. Some sites will need to be moved out of an existing Itarian instance into another. What’s the easiest way of doing this? I’m wondering if a script could be run to perform the uninstallation, then download and run the install for the new client?

Hi @maximillianx we have a script to change one comodo account to another using token. Kindly, please look on the following link :

Should you are referring to Acronis, do you want a script that will uninstall installed Acronis and re-install it and register with some other user? If so, yes it’s possible. Kindly, give us the exact package which should be re-installed.

Thanks Raymond! I’m trying that link, but I’m getting an Internal Server Error 500 when I go there…

Hi @maximillianx, kindly try this link

Great - I’ll try that script out today.

Is there a way we can transfer our licenses to the new tenant as well?

Also, is there a way to ensure they are added to the correct group within the customer? I have them arranged by location in my current instance and I need to organize them the same way in the new one.

@maximillianx you may move devices and add them to a group. This can be done thru Device Management.

As for license assignment, this is still on the road-map. You may reach out to ITarian via sending an email at or call them on +1-877-422-3865 for additional information.

Thanks @Raymond_Co I’ve successfully been able to move computers from one account to another, but I need to know how to migrate them into a destination customer on the new dashboard. Right now, ALL the computers come over, and I have to sift through them in order to move them to the proper customer. It would be fantastic if the script would execute and add them to the correct customer as it performed the migration.

Do you guys have any tricks up your sleeve there of which I can try?

Hello @maximillianx,

We regret to inform you that as per our Script writers, the request above is not doable.
We hope you understand this matter.


Can this be a feature request? I don’t relish the idea of migrating a couple hundred workstations into different groups on the new instance.

@maximillianx ,

We have forwarded your request to our Development Team for analysis. We’ll make sure to inform you of the results of their comments on creating this functionality over the portal.