Script to Turn On/Off CAPS LOCK Key

We require a script to turn on/off the CAPS LOCK Key on an endpoint. This has come in handy in previous remote control tools when the end user is not available and has left the CAPS LOCK key on and you are trying to enter a password and it is not working, etc … or similar situations …

mmmmm, I feel like if whatever remote tool you’re using isn’t forwarding YOUR keyboard input properly, I’d call it a bad tool.

I have that same problem. If the client has left the caps lock on, I can turn it off by pressing caps lock. But then, the caps lock is on here locally and sends a wrong password. So, my work around is, I turn off caps lock on the client end, and disconnect. Turn my caps lock off and reconnect to the client. But yes, a script would be much easier.


Thanks for reaching us, we will get back to you shortly with good result.

Thank you.


We worked on your script request and updated on the scripts library. This script will disable the caps lock, if it is already enabled.

Please refer the script on the below link:

Thank You