Script to uninstall MS Office 2010 + deploy MS Office 2016

Looking for a script that will automate the removal of Microsoft Office 2010 x32 or x64, reboot and the continue to install MS Office 2016.

Hi @Andy_B

Our developers working on a script procedure feature that will run after reboot.

For now, we will provide 2 scripts viz,

  1. Script procedure to remove Microsoft Office 2010 x32 or x64 and reboot
  2. Script procedure to install MS Office 2016 from network share path.

I will update you once completed. Let us know your feedback.

Hi @mkannan

We are also looking for a procedure to remove Microsoft Office 2010 and I’ve found this old post. Was such a script procedure finally created?

I’ve also searched the script library at, but there’s no such a script there either.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam - Endpoint Security

Hello @DevoteamEndpointSecu

Our support team will rech you through mail with some usefull details and a prepared script.
Thank you

We are working on a project to clean up some remaining office 2007 and 2010. Is it possible I could receive the information as well?

@jhall ,

Support team have sent an email with the attached procedure. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.


Is the script for installing Office still available or located somewhere else?



Please see attached python script procedure recommended by our Script Developers. Please note that this script will work only through IDLE and not on the Endpoint Manager Portal.

office powershell—finall(1).zip (1.08 KB)

Just curious. I have clients who have purchased their own non profit copy of Office 2016. When I hook up a new computer, it always seems to default to the 365 trail pre-installed. Will this scrip help me by removing the O365 that is pre-installed so I can install the client’s copy of Office 2016?

Hi @Fred
The VBS file called in the Python script is meant to be used on endpoints with Office 2010. O356 is definitely of a different design as Office 2010. If you use this Python script on your client’s endpoint, it may remove some of the Office-related files but definitely not all.

Is there a script to uninstall Office 2013 and install O365?

Hi @troxelr,

No, but there is a script to uninstall Office 2010 that can be easily adapted.

First, download the script from the script library:

Script to Uninstall Office 2010

This script relies on the OffScrub10.vbs script to do the job: all you need is to replace the code of the OffScrub10.vbs with the code of the OffScrub13.vbs script and it will uninstall Office 2013.

You can get the OffScrub13.vbs script from GitHub:

Worth a try, I think. Let me know if it works for you.

That’s all so far. Have a nice day!

– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam